About us

Welcome to our website.

“METADIK” is a recognized brand with many years of experience on the Polish and foreign market. From the beginning, its activities are oriented at production in metal industry. We create original and unique patterns, because each our design is made individually, based on the discussion with the Customer. We also offer wide range of model implementations, which will get us closer to your vision. Strength or artistry? Or both perhaps? The products of “METADIK” combine both these values.

We provide services in Blacksmith Art for individual Customers and private companies. We use anti-corrosion protections, hot-dip galvanization and high-quality paints of any colour, which guarantees long-lasting protection and aesthetic look for many years. Thanks to top quality of performance and installation our products are also well regarded abroad, in countries like Germany, England, Belgium, Holland. We encourage you to watch the works already designed and executed. We offer among others: gates, external and internal bannisters, fences and wickets. Blacksmith Art is our job, but above all it is our great passion, which we constantly develop. We accept difficult and ambitious orders, trying to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of our Customers. Thanks to us your house will get a unique charm.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.